Superpower: Story Building

Superpower: Story Building


Dave Alsobrooks


Superpower: Story Building

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From hieroglyphics to podcasts, from 8mm to 4k, well-built stories have a profound impact on our brains regardless of how they are delivered. Research indicates that stories stimulate oxytocin, the hormone responsible for regulating trust and empathy, while also activating the left temporal cortex, which processes language and emotions. As a story unfolds, our brain waves are synchronizing with those of the storyteller.


Powerful stories not only enhance our ability to remember and recall information, but they can also lead to changes in our core beliefs and perspectives. According to studies conducted by psychologist Jerome Bruner, stories can improve our ability to recall facts by 22 times compared to isolated data.

Need I say more?

In marketing, stories are powerful tools that help build trust, promote engagement, and influence decisions. A well-crafted story adds depth and interest to ordinary or less-than-inspiring content, allowing us to create connections and engage others in more meaningful ways. Stories can also assist in explaining complex or technical information by highlighting specific elements or using narrative devices to aid understanding and enhance recall.

Harnessing the power of story building begins with a truth surrounded by emotional context. This combination is a potent one. Well-crafted stories are persuasive, memorable, and permissibly actionable. When done effectively, narratives enliven, inspire, and foster instant connections that linger in the minds of customers. Story building should be a part of your core competency. If not, find someone whose superpower is building stories.

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